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Link Line Secondary Double Glazing
Secondary Glazing DIY Kits

Secondary Glazing By LinkLine

LinkLine produces three systems of DIY secondary glazing. These systems were designed and developed by Polycell Products ® and became the acknowledged market leader in the 1990´s. The kits are designed to be fitted by an average DIY enthusiast, giving a large saving against professional installation. All kits are supplied with detailed fitting instructions.

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Why LinkLine?

  • Our products offer an alternative to householders who do not wish to replace their existing character windows, and many cannot due to listed building regulations. LinkLine secondary glazing gives the benefits of double glazing while allowing the retention of the original windows.

  • Our products are one of the best methods of reducing external noise whether from roads, aircraft or other activities near your home.

  • Secondary glazing can in many circumstances greatly reduce internal condensation.

  • These systems can easily be removed, so if you move home they can be taken out, to give the same benefits to your next property.